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November 01, 2019 3 min read

Eye makeup evolution throughout the years

Makeup has been present in women lifes for a long time but it changed throughout the years just like women did. For today we’re going to talk about how much makeup has changed in the last century and why not, inspire ourselves from the way they did it back then.

1910s Now that’s a long time ago. In that period women didn’t have so many products like we have today, but they managed to do a little glam. Now, I have to tell you a quick fact, mascara was invented in 1915, so, until then, imagine how women would improvise stuff to make their lashes longer and fuller.

In 1915, Maybelline invented a dry version of the mascara that with water, it turned into a paste and that was mascara back then.

Eye makeup evolution throughout the years

In the 1910s women didn’t use vivid colors for their eyes makeup, they usually used neutral colors such as brown, grey.

1920s- In the 20s the eye makeup us a lot bolder than before. It’s the first time in makeup history where we see a bold smokey eye. It was the beginning of a new era for eyeshadow because

women were a lot confident than before and started to experience new looks.

Eye makeup evolution throughout the years

1930s This was the period were women used to wear their eyebrows really thin. They usually shaved their eyebrows completely and draw two thin arched lines there. With this eyebrow look they usually wore bold eye makeup with vivid colors such as greens, purples, pinks, blues, or neutral tones and a thin line of black pencil overdrawn at the outer edges to elongate the eyes.

Eye makeup evolution throughout the years

1950s Even though some women started wearing cat-eye liner in the late 40s, I said late 40s because most of the 40s for the eye makeup was nearly bear eyelids with just a little bit of mascara. The 50s were the real debut of the winged eyeliner, the start of the pinup retro look.

Eye makeup evolution throughout the years

1960s Woman’s youth was very important and seen as really beautiful in the 60s, so, lots of women started to put accent on their lashes for their eyes to look bigger and sensual. Over the long false black lashes, women usually wore colored eyeshadow- white was a favorite plus a thick black eyeliner.

Eye makeup evolution throughout the years

1980s The 70s have gone back to all natural, but the 80s started with excess makeup, the more, the better.

Fact- M.A.C Cosmetics was born in 1984 to answer the needs of two Canadian makeup artists who wanted bolder, more highly pigmented colors that would photograph well.

Women used vibrant blues, pinks, purples and shimmery shadows such as golds.

Eye makeup evolution throughout the years

2000s In this period, women really liked full thick lashes. Lash bars began opening at stores and salons offering professional applications of faux lashes. Mascara upped its game with new formulas that promised big and long lashes.

Eye makeup evolution throughout the years

2010s This period is for bold brows. Women all around the world started to use lash conditioner to thicken their brows and if this didn’t work they would usually fill them out with brow powders, pomades or pencils.
Eye makeup evolution throughout the years

As you know, this trend is still present. Everybody likes this look, natural brows with a nude eye makeup look, full and black lashes and maybe some eyeliner.

We can all see that there’s a big difference throughout the years for women’s beauty.

Every decade has its own particular thing that every woman tried and liked. Every decade has its own trend and as we can see, the natural look is starting to come back as a lot of women enjoy a natural, fresh look rather than a full face of makeup.


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