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November 09, 2018 2 min read

Why do we wear makeup?

I know that maybe you will just read this article, but I would love you to share with everyone what do you think about makeup.

In my opinion make-up it is a fun.🙂

It is amazing to try to create a brand-new look with a couple of pencils and palettes. Sincerely the look which I decide to do every day, depends on my mood. Sometimes, when you put on makeup is like putting on a costume and you can become a totally different person.

I believe that makeup is an art, but sometimes, for some women or girls can be like a mask, they are hiding behind it and get ready to face the world; to attract a partner, to intimidate, shock or amaze.

Make-Up - Home made make-up or Professional Make-Up?

Cosmetics are so important in this moment in our society. For example, I have many roles in this life, but the most important role is to be a mom  every single day and sometimes I do not have time to sleep enough and my face does not look really pretty. 🙂 But makeup is the best alternative to look pretty always and to be confident with yourself, feeling more in control.

I have this phrase in my mind right now that I always liked a lot:

‘Putting on makeup is like putting on a pair of high heels’.

Make-Up - Home made make-up or Professional Make-Up?

Did you know that a study published in one edition of the journal PLOS ONE presented participants with four versions of the same face: one barefaced and three with increasing degrees of makeup application, which they are termed natural, professional, and glamorous.  The researchers found that participant’ s feedback did vary for each makeup look rated positively –proving that attractiveness is correlated with competency.

Hmm... why do we wear makeup...? I think that most of us are trying to hide some complexes or we are trying to put in evidence our face and lips contour, the eye expression or the shape of them.

According to me a home makeup and a professional oneis long way different, because when I am saying professional makeup, my mind is going to think about an art, unless a home oneis a fun: how to use brushes, mascara, foundation suitable for our skin type, concealer, color pallets, lipsticks, etc. At the begging, we have to learn our face with everything included, because most of the time we are struggling with different products because we do not know exactly our skin type. We have to learn some tricks before using Makeup.So, dear women and girls take more time to find your face!

Make-Up - Home made make-up or Professional Make-Up?

Don't miss my next articles, I will share with you some of my personal tips and tricks when it comes yo make-up. I want to help you decide what kind of products do you need, what are the best options for your face shape and texture.

***Leave your comments below, if you want to ask me anything about make-up.Let's connect!***

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