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November 05, 2018 2 min read 2 Comments

I'm  a very stubborn person when it comes to make-up! So, even if I'm walking out the door looking fire- my messy hair is pure perfection, cheekbones are contoured, and lashes are lit- i'm still conscious that this look won't last all day long, so here are my on-the-go essentials that I always carry in my bag!

Fiber Eyelash Mascara

Your eyelashes can make or break your look! This professional formula contains lengthening fibers that can be applied in layers to create lashes that appear to keep growing and growing. But the best part? It instantly builds lash volume up to 500%!

You can check all the features here.

Smile Saver

My biggest problem is my smile!I love coffee, so why to give it up?I've found a way to keep my teeth clean all day, it's easy and fast to use, so i just need 1 minute to regain my beautiful smile after a cup of coffee! This is what i never forget home.It can effectively scrub off and absorb dental plaque and stubborn stains from the tooth surface.

You don't want to miss this.


Now that i have my beautiful smile back, I want my lips to look gorgeous!My favorite long lasting lipstick is already waterproof and it has moisturizing properties that keep my lips soft and looking luscious, but after some hours of talking, eating and drinking, I definitely want a refresh! Some days I love to have a natural look, but I also like to stand out sometimes, and my lipstick is helping me:)

Choose your favorite color here. I'm in love with the first one:)

Always prepared for wounds!

I know, I'm exaggerated sometimes, but hey, it's just me :) Hmm, I must say that this is something that i always have in my bag, but i don't use it everyday!Though, it kind of saved me form embarrassing moments and it really helped me when I was wearing my new high heels:)

Why i love it?It's waterproof, easy and fast to apply!

I really think it's a must have.You should try it.

Ok, so i'm done for now! These little things don't occupy much space in my daily bag, so they are just perfect to carry everywhere!

I would love to hear from you what do you think about this daily essentials? Do you think they are helpful for your busy life? Do you have space for them in your bag? What else are you already using daily or what do you think I should definitely put in my bag?






2 Responses

Livia Tudor
Livia Tudor

November 05, 2018

It’s amazing, it’s a dream to have always a white smile😍😍😍😍

Adele F.
Adele F.

November 05, 2018

That’s actually very nice! I also like to take with me some wet tissues, just in case:) But never thought about that liquid bandage, that’s something i really need:)

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