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August 07, 2019 4 min read

Let's talk about an issue that so many women are facing these days and not only. An usual issue that is older than we might even think! Saggy Boobs!

Saggy boobs

Well, I personally can say that I have had some nice boobs before giving birth and breastfeeding. Now they are like... one bigger than the other and they are simply hanging. Ok, I know it's sounds awkard, but that's the truth.

However, a ResearchGate study published in 2018 found that pregnancy was not a significant factor for breast ptosis, while age, weight and BMI were more leading causes. Also, women of menopausal age and women who started wearing a bra young were more at risk for breast ptosis.

I have been trying to use the old bras i have with super push-up or some that were more comfy, but I'll tell you what: they don't fit like before.The breasts are loose and soft and the skin is literally flimsy. 

In the meantime, my favorite bras were not even bras. I just used the nylon sports bras. They were comfy, but they don't fit when wearing dresses and some tops... You know what I mean.

Saggy Boobs - What is the best fitting Bra?

I started my research on the internet about why the boobs are saggy after birth and I found the answer, actually, the answers. I thought that you might be intrested so here they are:

Spending time in the sun 

I simply cannot stay in the house all summer long... I know UV expousure is not good, but let's face it, we wall want to get a bit tanned in the summer and enjoy the sun!

Saggy Boobs - What is the best fitting Bra?

Your sleep position 

Specialists say that sleeping on your side may cause breasts to sag more over time. On a related note, side-sleeping can also contribute to facial wrinkles since one side of your face is smushed against the pillow.The perfect position is on your back.I am already trying to use this position for my sleep, but this don't help me in a short time and it may only help to reduce the sagging, not to improve it.

Saggy Boobs - What is the best fitting Bra?

Wearing a bra

They say that wearing a bra is not good. I tried this also, but I can't get out of the house with my boobs that are one like a watermelon and one like a coconut! Let's be serious! And it's not because i don't love my body, but on hot summer days.... you know... I sweat! So I am for bras, but for those good fitting bras! 

Saggy Boobs - What is the best fitting Bra?

Eating well and working out! 

Strengthening the pectoral muscles—along with muscles of the back, shoulders, and core—may help reduce the appearance of sag by improving overall tone and posture. Regular exercise can also help women maintain a healthy and consistent weight, which can prevent changes in breast shape associated with extreme weight gain and loss.

Well thank you very much to all the specialists that helped with these details, but I'm still here wanting a good bra for my saggy boobs. I don't need it for 24h/day, but at least, when I am wearing it, it has to be perfect.

So, my second research was on bras, of couse.

I have found something that I really wanted to try and fast! The Strapless Lift Up Invisible Bra Tape!

Yes, this is one of the most easy to use bra tapes I ever saw. And the patterns that they are coming in, are even more cute.

I can say that they are perfect even for when you're at the gym! Or by the pool! They are water resistant so you can sweat all you want, they won't fall! Pretty cool, right?

I love wearing it with my V neck shirt and my favourite dress, the boobs stay in place and are perfectly lifted. And no signs of bras!

Saggy Boobs - What is the best fitting Bra?

If you want a cute and very good fitting bra, you may want to try out the 

Butterfly Push-Up Wireless Bra . Even if it's wireless, it supports the breasts and lift them up, gving you more confidence and a pleasant and comfy sensation. 

Saggy Boobs - What is the best fitting Bra?

This bralette can be used as an everyday bra, is comfortably breathable, cool and not scratchy to wear in your daily life. 

Wireless bras are more comfortable and healthy. For your convenience, you can roll these bras into small pieces to your wardrobe or bag!

I don't want you to miss this thing i recently found out: ProBust™ Collagen Patch for Saggy Breasts .

Saggy Boobs - What is the best fitting Bra?

This product says: ProBust™ Collagen Patch for Saggy Breasts offer instant lifting & toning for delicate skin around bust & décolleté, rebuilding lipid structure for a significant anti-gravity lifting effect.

The collagen filling & ultra-lifting formula tightens the overstretched breast lipid tissue & ligaments due to sagging, improving boob bounciness & skin elasticity.

Saggy Boobs - What is the best fitting Bra?

Well, i'm on day 2 using it and I am just placing another order! How amazing can this thing be?

I hope that this post have helped you some way and if you have any questions, leave a comment :) I'll be more than happy to help you out!




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