Magic Soak Off Gel Polish Remover

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Take Gel or Dipping powder off your nails fast and easy, without ruining your nails with the ultimate Magic Soak Off Gel Polish Remover!

Going to the salon may be time-consuming and costly for just taking off the gel or the dipping powder. It also can ruin your nails and takes a lot of time!

But there is a REVOLUTIONARY solution for this! The Magic Soak Off Gel Polish Remover works in seconds!

Say GOODBYE to soaking in acetone, using foils, scraping, sanding or filing the gel off!

Magic Soak Off Gel Polish Remover


  • No more Ruining of Nails
    Removes nail polish by self-peeling, which does not require any scraping, foiling or soaking in acetone.
  • Quickly removes nail polish without leaving a residue.
  • Easy to Apply
    Just lightly smear and the nail surface will automatically burst after ~1 minute.
  • Odorless and non-irritative to nail bed.
  • Suitable to remove soak-off gel, base coat, top coat, matte topcoat, 3D nail decoration, dipping powder or semi-permanent nail polish.

Magic Soak Off Gel Polish Remover


Easy to use, just lightly smear, the nail surface will automatically burst after 3-5 minutes.
It works by breaking down the gel polish surface instantly. With the Magic Soak-Off Gel Polish Remover, you no longer need to go to a professional nail salon to get it done.
This is a revolutionary nail polish remover that makes it easy to remove in the nail removal process without worried about how to remove nail polish any more.

Magic Soak Off Gel Polish Remover


Magic Remover will allow you to get rid of the gel in no time, effortlessly with no harm done to your nails! Yes, it's that easy, fast and effective! 

  1. Apply the remover on the nails.
  2. Wait for 1-2 minutes for the auto "burst".
  3. Peel off and remove it easily.

You can use a cuticle remover to peel them off or just do it with your fingers. It's super easy and fast!

Magic Soak Off Gel Polish Remover


60% of BIO-cellulose
30% of AN-surfactants
5 % of Acrylate monomer
5 % of Inorganic pigment
Net content: 15ml


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