GenesisCharm™ Abdomen Slimming Wonder Patch

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Getting rid of belly fat is a headache! But now it's time to say goodbye to all the diets, pills and exhausting exercises! The GenesisCharm™ Abdomen Slimming Wonder Patch is the ideal solution for stubborn fat !

 Abdomen Slimming Wonder Patch

Body Wraps are known for their effectiveness when it comes to body shaping - they will tone, firm and tighten your body lines, help you lose inches, make your skin look better and improve overall appearance of the problem areas. It works when active ingredients get absorbed by your skin to fight unwanted cellulite cells and rejuvenate upper skin layer.

  • EASY USE- Apply patch to bare skin.
  • SAFE- FDA approved meaning it’s safe to use for all skin types.
  • TARGETS FAT- The patch specifically targets fat and cellulite around the abdomen.
  • CAREFULLY SELECTED INGREDIENTS- Every ingredient is natural and selected specially to help burn fat.
  • UNIQUE SHAPE- The unique wing shape covers the front of the abdomen to ensure it targets the whole area.
  • CURBS CRAVINGS- Helps you curb all the bad cravings that make you gain weight.

 Abdomen Slimming Wonder Patch

 Abdomen Slimming Wonder Patch

Transdermal Technology

Originally used to help those who suffer from motion sickness in 1979, transdermal patches are an innovative, exciting way of delivering vital compounds directly into the bloodstream through the skin.

Skipping the lengthy, often potency depleting process of passing nutrients through the digestive system, compounds instead are given an immediate yet steady release throughout the whole time worn.

Placing exactly what you need, where you need it, will replace the need for pills and other methods. The scientific community is increasingly seeing them as a inventive way forward in addressing various bodily needs, and a powerful alternative to pills and creams.

 Abdomen Slimming Wonder Patch

  • Sophoricoside: Natural patented medicinal substance that has temporarily decreases body fat.
  • Salicornia herbacea : Softens skin and manages triglyceride.
  • Capsaicin: Temporarily decreases fat and cellulite in body.
  • Caffeine: Enhances elasticity and suppresses swelling temporarily decreases cellulite by making fat cell's collagen tissue flexible.
  • Wear for 3-8 hours a day to achieve the best results
  • Apply directly to bare skin for the patch to work.
  • Continue the 4-week course for continued great results.
  • Each box contains 10 patches.
  • Apply patch whilst you sleep.
  • Can be used with regular exercised and a balanced diet.

STEP 1: Wash and dry the area you want the apply the wraps. Confirm the skin is dry 

STEP 2: Open it and remove the film on the patch. 

STEP 3: Place the wraps on the area gently

STEP 4: Apply the adhesive bandage on the warp 

STEP 5: You are advised to leave the warp for eight hours before removing it. 

Package: 10 pieces

 Abdomen Slimming Wonder Patch

 Abdomen Slimming Wonder Patch

 Abdomen Slimming Wonder Patch



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