LuxurySleep™ U Shaped Side Sleeping Pillow

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Sleep is very important for our health, but we often wake-up more tired then when we went to bed! This can be because of our pillow! From now on, your sleep will be healthier and restful at 100% !

LuxurySleep™ U Shaped Side Sleeping Pillow

WHY THE LuxurySleep™ U Shaped Side Sleeping Pillow ?

If you are a side sleeper the LuxurySleep™ U Shaped Side Sleeping Pillow is what you need to get for a restful sleep.

MORE COMFORT : Plush, hypoallergenic side sleeper pillow is specially designed to give you more comfort as you sleep on your side. Made from high quality therapeutic foam that promotes better back, neck, and head alignment.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN : Promotes better alignment of the back, neck and head so you can fall asleep faster and wake up feeling refreshed. Ergonomic design properly positions your neck, back and shoulders while you sleep so you wake up in less pain.

UNIQUE EAR POCKET - Specially designed hole in the pillow for superior head support. Put an end to restless nights with the unique contour comfort design. Machine-washable, polyester/cotton cover for easy cleaning.

LuxurySleep™ U Shaped Side Sleeping Pillow

LuxurySleep™ U Shaped Side Sleeping Pillow



  • For side sleepers, many pillows may give discomfort and neck pain.
  • Down pillows are usually too warm to trap in moistures to cause odor and bacteria growth.
  • Regular fiber filling pillows lack support.
  • Choose the right pillow, not only to guarantee us a good night's sleep, but also to determine the quality of the rest of our working lives.
  • If you wake up to find that you can't move your neck or your tired back, It could have been made out of an inappropriate pillow.

Choose the pillow that accords with human body mechanics to design, benefit to cervical vertebra and physiology vertebration, good for our health.

The effect of the pillow is keep our body's neck physiological radians do not be deformed when sleeping.

If you are a back, side or belly sleeper, we recommend our Memory Foam Pillowfrom the same LuxurySleep™ collection.

Size: Long Arm 55cm/21.65" Short Arm 45cm/17.72" Thickness 14cm/5.51"

Package: 1 Pillow+ 1 Zip-up removable pillowcase

For extra support and plenty of comfort, our high-quality U-shaped pillow will be your new favorite bedtime accessory.




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