PerfectHair™ Hair Growth Serum

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Healthier and thicker hair with the revolutionary PerfectHair™ Hair Growth Serum!

See results in just one week of use! There's no need to spend a fortune for hair growth products or lose a lot of time with treatments and pills!
The PerfectHair™ Hair Growth Serum was made for both women and men by specialists who really had problems with hair loss or needed help to regain lost hair.



  • Promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

  • Nourishes hair and deeply repairs hair follicles.

  • It also moisturizes hair, leaving it shiny, silky and soft.

PerfectHair™ Hair Growth Serum

PerfectHair™ Hair Growth Serum


1. Make sure the scalp is clean and dry
2. Put 1ml into the pipette
3. Apply to the dry scalp, especially the sparse parts
4. Massage the scalp for about 1 minute
5. Dry naturally (takes about 2 minutes)

PerfectHair™ Hair Growth Serum


The PerfectHair™ Hair Growth Serum is essential for perople who have slow hair growth,need a  boost for hair growth,for inelasticity, dull hair, easy to break, rough and uncomfortable.


  • GINGER EXTRACT, ginseng extract, flower root, grape seed oil, glycerin,

  • Carbohydrates, propylene glycol, methacrylic acid, rose oil.


Product specifications: 20ml / bottle
Shelf life: two years.

PerfectHair™ Hair Growth Serum

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