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ToeSpacer™ Hammertoe Corrector

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Do you suffer from hammertoes and bunion related issues?
Are your toes sore when wearing high-heels for a long time?
Wearing this ToeSpacer™ Hammertoe Corrector will bring you great relief and gradually correction to your toes!


Detailed Features:

  • ★ GIVE YOUR TOES A RELAXING SPA DAY - Long day at work, went to the gym, or just want to decompress? Take some time and wear ourtoe stretchers to help straighten and relax your feet joints and re position your big toe back to normal.
  • ★ RELIEVE STRESS AND TENSION  - Plantar fasciitis and hammetoes are the result of standing or working on your feet all day. ToeSpacer™ Hammertoe Corrector will help ease the pain associated with bunions, sesamoiditis, hammer toes, yoga toes and vein problems so you can walk and run with no pain. 
  • ★ DOCTOR APPROVED - Our medical grade gel toe spreaders are the chiropractor adjustment for your feet in the comfort of your home. They’re 100% BPA-free and recommended by doctors. Within minutes of having them on you will FEEL the difference.

How to use?

  • Wear the toes separators for 15 minutes per session
  • Gradually increase up to an hour for maximum relief and effectiveness
  • Use warm water to make the stretchers more pliable
  • Position the gels close to your toes joints and do not push them to the bottom of the toes.
  • Use bare foot as shown in the picture.
  • With the toe separators you can get relief from aching, throbbing feet and get on with your day.

Out of a proprietary medical-grade gel, the stretchers separate or lengthen the toes, the propulsion on the joints, muscles and other organizations throughout the foot.

The one-size-fits all spreads simply slip on and instantly begin to provide relief by Improve the alignment of each and every toe.


Help prevent and cure foot problems without orthotics, medication, or surgery!

✔️Realign your feet back to their natural state.

✔️Naturally reverse the effects of damaging footwear.

✔️Improve the support and stability.

✔️Get rid of arch supports in a less time.

✔️Align your toes to eliminate bunions and crooked toes. 

✔️Increase the strength and flexibility of your toes and foot.

✔️Beneficial for people who are suffering from plantar fasciitis

#1 Doctor Recommended Toe Separator

“I believe toe separators are indispensable for foot health. I recommend them to all of my patients that suffer from bunions and hammer toes. It's essential to have good foot health for the rest of your body to be healthy.”

-Dr. John Scheerer, M.D.


1 Pair- Universal size


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